(Don't worry, it's the first draft; we'll airbrush the photo later.)

Bespoke Web Design

Bespoke web design development means going right back to a 'blank sheet' when setting out the website foundations. We create the design, site navigation and structure so future expansion is painless.
Our consultations discuss aspects of your business and online needs to help transform your ideas into an active and vibrant website, or muted and understated, it will be tailored to you.
We're also happy to take the lead. We'll assess your needs then recommend the layout to best present your company.
Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Some web elements have become standard yet are still popular but we'll always aim for something just that little bit different to help you stand out from the crowd.

Project Origins

A selection of imagery and captions to get you thinking.
  • start your dream website
  • launch your business idea
  • promote your event
  • your photos, your look
  • your website created by screendye

Project Brief

To understand your business needs, our first meeting is a fact-finding exercise. We'll learn about how your company operates and what you want to achieve with your Internet presence.
We'll discover the main focus points, create a page list, discuss content from artwork to video and establish a marketing strategy.
The look is important, equally so is speed and functionality. If you decide to update the site yourself we can, even at this early stage, begin to plan the design around regular edits by a staff member.

 Can we use our existing text and photographs?

If the content is still valid then of course. We'd recommend adding new content wherever possible and re-phrasing text, we can assist if required.
New photographs are always a good idea. If your existing site was created some time ago it's likely the images for your new site will need to be larger and of higher quality.
The sooner we have your artwork the quicker the next phase can start to take shape.

Design Development

Now the fun starts! To create the first draft of your new web design we take what we've learned from our initial meeting and combine it with your ideas and our know-how.
Sometimes we get everything right first time! More likely is there will be changes or adjustments you'd like to see. The first draft is further developed based on your comments and feedback and it may take several versions to arrive at the final design.
We'll keep working on it until you're happy.

 Will the new design work on my phone?

Yes. The new web design is made to work on all screen sizes and tested on a wide range of platforms and browsers.
If you want to be involved in the nuts and bolts of the build, you're welcome to discuss with us and agree on how content should be displayed on each page and on different screen sizes.

Feedback + Edits

With the new design approved the web build gets underway and once complete a preview site is available for trialling and proofing.
The preview site is 99% functional, all pages complete with your content and essentially ready to go live, however there may still be elements you wish to tweak or even new content you now need to include.
After launch there's an additional period for correcting any small errors missed earlier, free of charge.

 Can we just add this?

Absolutely! We can't always plan when to have brilliant ideas so if a page change occurs to you this may work within the existing brief or only attract a small additional charge.
Additional pages based on your custom design template usually start at £45.

Included as Standard

Even though we ask you to proofread your content, we also spell check and perform a read-through.
Most image manipulation is included, we also customise your keywords, create your sitemap page and provide a privacy statement. Email branding is available if required at no extra cost.

 Free Updates + Beyond

As a bespoke design customer you qualify for our Free Updates service.
Add-on modules are available at any time. You may choose a Content Editor, Mailing Campaign or Social Media Graphics. Get in touch to discuss a module or something tailored.
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