• Learn more about our Package Websites
  • Learn more about our Package Websites
  • Learn more about our Package Websites
  • Learn more about our Package Websites
  • Learn more about our Package Websites
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Bespoke Web Design

Bespoke web design is at our core. With a full consultation at each stage of development we can create a brand new and unique design for your business.
These days it's likely you are looking to replace and upgrade an existing site. Your content may still reflect what you do but the aesthetics and construction could be letting you down.
 Find out if a Bespoke Project is right for you

Project Brief

To understand your business needs, our first meeting is a fact-finding exercise. We'll learn about how your company operates and what you want to achieve with your internet presence.
The look is important, equally so is speed and functionality. If you decide to update the site yourself we can, even at this early stage, begin to plan the design around regular edits by a staff member.

 Can we use our existing text and photographs?

If the content is still valid then of course. We'd recommend adding new content wherever possible and re-phrasing text, we can assist if required.
New photographs are always a good idea. If your existing site was created some time ago it's likely the images for your new site will need to be larger and of higher quality.

Design Development

By taking what we've learned from our initial meeting and combining it with your ideas and our know-how, the creativity can really begin.
The first draft is further developed based on your comments and feedback. It may take several versions to arrive at the final design.

 Will the new design work on my phone?

Yes. The new web design is made to work on all screen sizes and tested on a wide range of platforms and browsers.
If you want to be involved in the nuts and bolts of the build, you're welcome to discuss with us and agree on how content should be displayed on each page and on different screen sizes.

Feedback + Edits

With the new design approved the web build gets underway and once complete a preview site is available for trialling and proofing.
After launch there's an additional period for correcting any small errors missed earlier, free of charge.

 Can we just add this?

Absolutely! We can't always plan when to have brilliant ideas so if a page change occurs to you this may work within the existing brief or only attract a small additional charge.

Included as Standard

Even though we ask you to proofread your content, we also spell check and perform a read-through.
Most image manipulation is included, we also customise your keywords, create your sitemap page and provide a privacy statement. Email branding is available if required at no extra cost.

 Free Updates + Beyond

As a bespoke design customer you qualify for our Free Updates service.
Add-on modules are available at any time. You may choose a Content Editor, Mailing Campaign or Social Media Graphics. Get in touch to discuss a module or something tailored.
 Bespoke Web Projects

Complete Package

Our web packages include everything you need to get your business online. Whether you've been running for a few years or are just getting going, we'll get you setup with a domain name, email and web presence. One page packages start at £99.
No confusing interface; leave all the work to us.
Simply select a design and we'll create it in your company colours.
If you do need more, add-on modules are available (most for a fixed fee,) so you'll know the total cost up front.
 Find out if a Package Website is right for you

Domain Name

Our packages include a one year UK domain name registration. The choice is yours, a few options are .CO.UK, .UK and .LTD.UK (subject to availability of course.)
Let us know your ideal domain name and we'll see what's available. It may be necessary to get a little creative if your first choice has already been taken.

 I've already registered my name

If you've already secured your domain name, that's fine, we can manage it for you and hook it into our web package for all the other included benefits.

Email + Hosting

You may have heard about hosting but be none the wiser as to what it is or how it works. In short, web hosting provides a space for your web pages and your email accounts.
Our web hosting is fast, reliable and our web packages include 5 email accounts and unlimited aliases. This is usually more than enough to support a small business with several devices that need to handle email.
Having a variety of aliases allow you to choose something product specific infront of the @ symbol. For example, chocolate @ my homemade cakes.co.uk

 Can I keep my Gmail Address?

Any other email addresses you have will continue to work alongside your new domain name email addresses. For professionalism we'd recommend moving over to your new domain email address, once you start emailing customers and friends they'll soon update their address books.
If you need help getting the new email accounts setup, we'll send instructions and be happy to talk you through step-by-step over the phone. If further assistance is required, a face-to-face can be arranged usually at the cost of a latté or two.

Package Designs

Just because it's a package, don't think we skimp on design.
With over twenty years in the web industry, we've a lot of experience in web design, construction, listening to your needs and knowing what works.
As we only work with our own in-house designs we're able to complete your website and launch in as little as a few days if you have all your text and photos ready to go.
From smart phones to widescreen monitors, your new website will display beautifully on all, as standard.

 Can I just change that?

Within reason, yes!
Colours are easily changed and our design features are mix-and-match so you can pick your favourites from any design.


Yes, you can call Technical Support. If you're having email difficulties or you've bought a new phone and need to setup email again, we'll send instructions and talk you through step-by-step.

 Updates + Add-ons

We'll always recommend you update your website as often as you can. In most cases you can simply send new text or a new photo by email and we'll reply with an idea of cost.
If after a few months you feel ready to select one of our add-on modules, get in touch and we can work out the most suitable option. If you simply don't have the time to update your site yourself, a maintenance contract can be tailored to fit.
 All Inclusive Web Packages

Want even more?

Who doesn't?! Well, you can add-on all manner of extras from a Content Editor to a Shop.
Other popular modules include:

 Logo Design
 Mailing Campaigns
 Social Media Graphics
 Google Setup
 Find out if an Add-on Module is right for you

Logo Design

After a consultation we'll be able to start creating some logo design options for you.
Aesthetics vary from person to person and from business to business, we're able to cater for the complete range from traditional to ultra-modern.

 How much will my logo cost?

Logo design starts at £90. The better we understand your taste and requirements the more likely we can keep to this price.
If more development time is needed, we'll let you know before carrying out further design work.

Mailing Campaigns

If you've gathered customer email addresses for your mailing list, you're ready for us to setup Mailing Campaigns.
This service includes importing your data, designing a unique template for all your mailouts and adding a signup form to your website.

 Can I send campaigns myself?

Absolutely. The system is really simple and once your content is prepared it will only take a few minutes to create a new campaign, paste your text into it and send to all your signed up customers.
If you want to include images and are unfamiliar with optimising photos we can help.

Social Media Graphics

If you're struggling to perfect your social media pages we can take your photos and artwork and produce the required files at the required dimensions.
Standards have changed over the years and this can affect the display of your logo and photos.

 First impressions

If you're active on social media platforms it is possible potential customers may find you there first.
Make the best first impression and ensure your images are pixel perfect.

Content Editor

It's beneficial for lots of reasons for a website to be regularly updated.
This doesn't mean big changes or big chunks of your time. If you're posting about an event on social media, add it to your website too. Talk to us and we can suggest a structure/routine to make this as quick and easy as possible.

 Is it really easy to do?

Yes, it really is. We have help pages to get you started and training sessions are available from £75.
We recommend beginning with one or two pages and get into the habit of updating them each week or as often as you can. More pages can be activated for you at any time.
 Add-on Modules