Choose a module now or later on. We can plan for your future expansion.

Website Add-on Modules

Who doesn't want more?! As a valued customer you can add-on all manner of extras from a Content Editor to a Shop. Most Add-on modules are available for a fixed fee so you'll always have a pretty good idea of the total cost up front.
Some popular modules include:

 Logo Design
 Mailing Campaigns
 Social Media Graphics
 Google Setup
If what you're looking to add isn't listed, contact us, we'll be happy to answer any queries.

Mailing Campaigns

If you've gathered customer email addresses for your mailing list, you're ready for us to setup Mailing Campaigns.
This service starts at £90 and includes importing your data, designing a unique template for all your mailouts and adding a signup form to your website.
We'll then provide you with the login and you're ready to go.

 Can I send campaigns myself?

Absolutely. The system is really simple and once your content is prepared it will only take a few minutes to create a new campaign, paste your text into it and send to all your signed up customers.
If you need help getting to grips with the Campaign interface training sessions are available, remotely or in person, from £75.
If you want to include images and are unfamiliar with optimising photos we can help.

Social Media Graphics

If you're struggling to perfect your social media pages we can take your photos and artwork and produce the required files at the required dimensions.
A jagged logo or out of proportion photo is not a good look.
Standards have changed over the years and this can affect the display of your 'cover photo', pictures and logo. It's now quite common to need your logo large enough for various display purposes or in several sizes.

 First impressions

If you're active on social media platforms it is possible potential customers may find you there first.
Make the best first impression and ensure your images are pixel perfect.

Content Editor

It's beneficial for lots of reasons for a website to be regularly updated.
This doesn't mean big changes or big chunks of your time. If you're posting about an event on social media, add it to your website too. Talk to us and we can suggest a structure/routine to make this as quick and easy as possible.
Add-on the Content Editor module for £120. A saving is available if you choose this module when starting a new Package Website, cost is then £90.

 Is it really easy to do?

Yes, it really is. We have help pages to get you started and training sessions are available from £75.
The more you use the editor the more familiar it will become. We recommend beginning with one or two pages and get into the habit of updating them each week or as often as you can. More pages can be activated for you at any time.