Photographs and summaries of the last three space shuttle missions.


Space Shuttle Discovery's final flight
Image credits: NASA / NASA TV


1st June 2011 - Endeavour makes its final landing

Shuttle and crew had a very successful 16 day mission. The high-light being the delivery and installation of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer which is already producing data.
Some quite spectacular numbers for Endeavour include 25 flights, 299 days in space, 4,671 orbits and 122,883,151 miles traveled.
At the Orbiter Processing Facility-1 technicians have begun Endeavour's retirement processing by draining the residual cryogenic fuel from the power reaction control distribution system.
Image credits: NASA / NASA TV / Bill Ingalls


21st July 2011 - Atlantis lands safely bringing the 30 year shuttle programme to a close

The 13-day mission racked up some impressive numbers, 9400 pounds of spare parts including 2677 pounds of food, completed 200 orbits and traveled 5,284,862 miles. These supplies will keep the space station going for the next year. And that's not all, they brought back nearly 5700 pounds of unneeded materials from the station.
"Although we got to take the ride," said Commander Chris Ferguson on behalf of his crew, "we sure hope that everybody who has ever worked on, or touched, or looked at, or envied or admired a space shuttle was able to take just a little part of the journey with us."
Image credits: NASA / NASA TV / Bill Ingalls / Dimitri Gerondidakis / Fletcher Hildreth - The Shuttle Programme